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As you may have noticed, our beloved city can get a bit warm and humid from time to time (ok, all the time) which, as much as we may love it or hate it, is just the environment that mold thrives in. Suffice it to say, “we have a problem”.

Precision Mold Removal is your mold solution. We are a national company with local owners and operators who live and work right here in Houston. As a mold specialist, our priority is to help our Space City neighbors be well-informed and well-protected from the scourge of mold.

So, whether you are in or out of the loop, downtown or uptown, an island city dweller, or all the way down at the bay, we are your trusted experts for mold inspection, mold testing and mold cleanup in the greater metropolitan area.

Here is some Houston specific info we hope you find helpful.

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Cost of Mold Removal & Mold Remediation in Houston

Sad to say, but the cost of mold treatment in Houston can get expensive, quick! This is due mostly to the fact that, thanks to our warm & humid climate, mold spreads rapidly here. That means it can quickly get into the structural elements of your home (i.e. behind walls and under subfloors) faster than you might expect, which can exponentially increase the cost of eradicating the infestation and restoring the structure.

If you can detect the presence of mold early on, then it may be possible to treat it as a simple mold removal case. This means less invasive and less expensive equipment and techniques are required, such as chemical treatments and hazardous disposal.

However, if the mold has spread deeper into the structure or is pervasive throughout the dwelling, than a more thorough process called mold remediation may be indicated.

This process may involve:

  • On-site damage assessment (inside the property and out)
  • Off site lab analysis (may require both surface and air sample lab testing)
  • Demolition & reconstruction of affected areas
  • Water damage restoration
  • Water leakage & standing water repairs
  • And more…

We endeavor to help our customers save on professional mold removal cost by providing: 

  • Free initial inspection
  • Clear, up front cost estimates
  • Help in maximizing insurance benefits
  • Free advocacy & consulting services from start to finish!

Cost of Mold Inspection & Mold Testing in Houston

In some cases, it is possible to remove mold without expensive laboratory testing. However, as a bare minimum, a thorough inspection and background survey of the premises and the occupants are always indicated. This is to ensure that all infected areas and potential causes of mold have been identified before the remediation process begins.

If more extensive off-site (laboratory) testing is required beforehand, then there will be additional fees from the lab. These costs will vary depending on the laboratory being used and the turnaround time requested.

For example, if toxic mold is suspected to be on the premises it’s likely that you will want to know immediately – for the safety of your family – whether or not you should evacuate the site until the threat has been contained and eliminated.

Some of the modern mold inspection and testing methods we use are:

  • Initial visual assessment by a trained professional technician (FREE)
  • Advanced mold testing technology (i.e. laser particle readers, etc.)
  • Ventilation analysis (sample collection & analysis of air ducts, air filters, etc.)
  • Historical survey (the background of the premises and occupant can indicate causal links)
  • On-site testing for other potentially hazardous compounds (mold isn’t always the culprit; it may be necessary to exclude: Radon, CO2, CO, VOCs, and others)

TIP:  All mold, including the toxic forms, like to hang out in moist areas like basements and bathrooms, so make sure to keep these susceptible areas as dry & well ventilated as possible to prevent the growth and spread of mold.

Black Mold Removal in Houston

We are prone to black mold here simply because we are prone to mold in general here. There is insufficient information as to why black mold develops in the first place – as opposed to any other variety of mold (just the luck of the draw I guess). While we are still learning about toxic mold, thankfully, we do know what some of the physical manifestations of prolonged exposure to it are…

To find out if you have black mold may require:

  • Chronic unexplained fatigue
  • Chronic unexplained weakness
  • Chronic headaches
  • Chronic sinus congestion, irritation (i.e. constant coughing or sneezing)
  • Unusual light sensitivity
  • Poor memory or difficulty finding words
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Unusual joint stiffness and/or pain
  • Unusual skin sensations (such as tingling and numbness)
  • Unresolved skin irritation or rashes
  • Shortness of breath
  • Dizziness, nausea or vomiting

If you are experiencing these symptoms AND see or smell mold on the premises, you should consider evacuating the site and seeking immediate medical attention! Then, call a mold removal company to completely remove the black mold infestation before resuming habitation of that environment.

The cost to remove black mold is not intrinsically higher than the removal of any other variety, and most professional mold removal companies can adequately handle the remediation and hazardous disposal of black mold. The only thing that may affect cost in the case of dangerous, toxic mold treatment is the urgent nature of it, AND the fact that you want to make sure you are working with a trusted professional and not some cut rate outfit.

Remember, with Precision Mold Removal you can always count on:

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