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From Oceanside to Escondido, and all the way down to the border – we are San Diego’s trusted mold removal specialists.

As residents of this beautiful area, we know that our fellow San Diegans are extremely health conscious. That is why we endeavor to educate all of our neighbors on the risk that mold can pose to your health and your home (see our MOLD DAMAGE page).

On this page however, we would like to provide some basic information on mold that is specific to our region.

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How Much Does Mold Removal Cost in San Diego?

Since every mold infestation is unique, it inherently makes each job different. This means, of course, that the cost of both mold testing and mold cleanup will also be different from job to job.

So then, it wouldn’t be fair or accurate to try and generalize the price of our professional services. Nor is it practical to explain every potential scenario that can affect cost.

However, we would like to provide at least a few examples of why your mold treatment expense may vary – depending on a few key factors such as:

  • Extent of infestation (Is it just surface mold or has it spread into your structure or ventilation system, for example?)
  • Services performed (Do you need simple removal or full mold remediation?)
  • Techniques and technologies required to treat the infestation (Negative air chambers, for example, add to cost but are necessary in some cases to contain dangerous spores.)
  • Is on-site inspection sufficient, or will outside lab testing be required?
  • What turnaround time is desired from the lab? (In rare cases, a quicker turnaround is indicated and will add to cost.)

One thing we can say about our fees is that we won’t price gouge you for living in La Jolla, nor will we charge extra for travel time inland. We are proud to serve ALL of our fellow San Diegans with integrity and honesty. Plus, we guarantee to provide you with 1) A detailed report explained in plain language, and 2) An upfront estimate – so you can make a fully educated decision.

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Where Does Mold Grow in San Diego?

Even though we live in one of the drier areas of the nation, mold still grows and even thrives here. We have seen it just as often in large oceanfront homes, as in apartment complexes throughout the inland region. Nowhere in San Diego is safe from mold growth.

That is why our FREE initial mold inspection includes the identification of the potential causes and sources of the mold in and around your building; that way, once mold removal is completed, it has less chance to return.

Anywhere there is a warm, moist environment, mold can (and will) grow.

Here are some of the more common places you will find it:

  • Anywhere you have a water leak (roof, windows, pipes, etc.)
  • HVAC systems (air ducts, air filters, etc.)
  • Ventilation / cooling systems (swamp coolers, window units, split units)
  • Anywhere moisture or condensation is found (i.e. bathroom/basement floors & walls)
  • Anywhere you have had flooding or standing water
  • Anywhere you have had water damage

Is There Black Mold in San Diego?

The short answer is yes, there is black mold in San Diego.

However, not all mold that is black in color is the toxic form that we refer to as “black mold”. The only way to know if you have toxic black mold is to have mold inspection and possibly mold testing performed by an experienced professional.

To find out if you have black mold may require:

  • Complete visual inspection by a trained professional
  • Advanced mold testing technology and techniques
  • Surface sample collection
  • Air sample collection
  • Lab analysis
  • Interior / exterior assessment
  • Background survey of premises and occupant
  • Exclusion testing for other potentially hazardous compounds on-site (i.e Radon, CO2, CO, VOC’s, etc.)

We can help you with all of the above mentioned inspection & testing services, and more.

The good news is that the cost for black mold removal is not necessarily more expensive in and of itself. As always, we will provide you with a clear estimate before performing any services.

San Diego’s certified specialists in black mold inspection, removal and remediation!

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