Residential Services

We Live and work locally, so we know that our neighbors are very health conscious – you want your family protected from the dangers of mold!

There is a large variety of mold, and so it stands to reason that the threat level and reactions to it will vary greatly. However, nearly all mold is hazardous to both your body and your home, and it can not always be identified by its color or appearance. That is why you should contact a mold inspection & remediation expert immediately, if you even suspect your home may have mold.

What danger does mold present to my family & home?

  1.  Mold is toxic and can literally make you or loved ones very sick. In some extreme cases, without proper care, it can even be deadly.
  2. Mold can cause mild to severe allergic reactions (coughing, sneezing, sore throat, eye & skin irritation, etc.).
  3. Mold can cause respiratory problems (breathing difficulty, upper respiratory discomfort, coughing or wheezing).
  4. Mold can exacerbate existing respiratory problems. If you or a loved one suffers from asthma or upper respiratory conditions such as COPD, etc… it is vital that you call for a mold inspection immediately.!
  5. Other symptoms of mold exposure can include dizziness, headaches, fatigue, upper respiratory discomfort, nausea, and more.
  6. If not treated effectively, mold will continue to eat away at your home until more extensive and more expensive work is required. In some cases this may mean hazardous waste demolition and reconstruction. It’s best to act fast at the first indication of mold!

We use the latest technology and methods for the proper inspection and identification of mold species. Once identified, we can keep your family & home healthy and protected by completely and safely eradicating mold from the premises.

Commercial Services

We are proud to help our local businesses keep their employees and customers protected from the hazards of mold. As important as that is, we also understand that your business needs to remain productive.

Our technicians are courteous, professional and experienced at performing their vital services with as little impact as possible to your daily operations. In some circumstances our services absolutely can not be performed during normal business hour.

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