Mold is a problem that is far easier to run into than you might think. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a nice, steaming hot shower every now and again?

As easy as it is to run into the issue of mold, it is a situation that you want to catch quickly and handle just as fast. But what if you don’t want to go through the pain of hiring and paying a professional to test your home or office for various spores, mold and mildew?

Assembled below is a list of ten of the top mold testing kits designed to help you in caring for your home and making sure that you and your family live happy, healthy and mold free lives.

The Top Ten: Mold Test Kits


DIY Mold Test

The DIY Mold Test is straightforward and easy to use. Within forty-eight hours you will know if mold is present. Operating as a first line of defense against mold, the kit comes with two vials of growth gel, two petri dishes and a sampling swab as well as detailed instructions on manual, static, and air ventilation sampling. This kit also provides you with the option to send your samples off for professional testing.

Even the smallest amount of mold can start affecting your life and your health. Using this product is a step in the right direction if you want to get ahead of the game and keep your home and your life free of mold and the dangers that it could present.



  • This kit is easy to use and well explained.
  • You are able to send your kits off to a professional lab to detect if mold is present.
  • There is the option to send your kit off to detect the exact type of mold presenting.



  • If you send your kit off to detect whether mold is present, there is an additional cost
  • There is also an additional cost to test for the type of mold.
  • Each kit is charged individually for professional testing.

Mold Armor – Do It Yourself Mold Test Kit

The Mold Armor FG500 Do It Yourself Mold Test Kit is a safe and easy way to protect your home and family from all kinds of mold. This simple kit tests for the presence of mold within forty-eight hours. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor testing, the Mold Armor FG500 Do It Yourself Test Kit is durable and long lasting and can be used with a single hand.

The kit provides instruction for manual, static, and air ventilation sampling making it an ideal choice. This product is a reliable tool to have when it comes to keeping your life, your home, and your family safe from the dangers presented by various types of mold.



  • Optional lab testing is available to detect the type of mold that is presenting.
  • The kit is simple to use and provides detailed instructions.
  • This kit is an excellent first line of defense against mold.



  • At first glance the manufacturer’s date looks like the expiration date.
  • There is an additional charge to determine the type of mold present.
  • Lab testing can take up to three weeks to provide results.

IH Pros QMT 100 Quick Mold Test

The IH Pros QMT 100 Quick Mold Test is as easy as one, two, three. With just a swab, snap, and squeeze you can detect dangerous and toxic black mold and mold contamination in as little as one minute. Interpreting the test is remarkably easy as well! If the test results are green then you are free from mold. A shift to gray means that there is mold present. However, if the test results show a color change to purple that means there is a lot of mold present and the object tested is heavily contaminated with it.

Designed to be easy to use as well as fast, this quick test was designed with patented biochemistry in mind. It gives users a chance to detect the microscopic proteins associated with mold growth and related allergens. If you want a fast and easy way to test for mold, this test might be your best choice.



  • This kit is both simple to use and provides quick results.
  • The heavy influence of science provides a more accurate result.



  • There is not much room between a pass and a fail in this test.
  • This test detects the smallest details, which may cause stress and worry in the long run.

Mold Test Kit by MyMoldDetective

This is the ideal testing kit when it comes to testing the air for mold. In addition to instructions, this test comes with an air sample pump, two air sample cassettes (one for outdoor/control and one for indoor/room), two surface samples, a mailing envelope, and a professional-grade, reusable, air sampling pump. This test is fast and easy to use, and puts out a color coded lab report that includes recommendations and next steps.

Additional accessory packs are available for further testing, making this kit easily reusable. You are provided with the option to send your samples away for additional lab testing.



  • This kit is both user friendly and incredibly professional to use.
  • The results are easy to read and organized, and will not leave you wondering about what to do after the test.
  • This kit is both fast and professional and will help you feel like you have your bases covered without hiring a third party.
  • Not only will you find out the type of mold present for positives, but the results will tell you if mold levels are “normal, slightly elevated, or elevated”.



  • Additional lab testing can range from $35 to $50.
  • With only two discs in the initial kit, testing can feel pretty limited.

MoldCheck Mold Test Kit

While this product will not give you any information on the type of mold in your home, it will enable you to track the source of any mold present. This kit comes with multiple tests designed to test multiple rooms or retest suspect areas and pinpoint the source. This test kit enables you to search and find the mold in your home without calling a contractor, which will help to decrease your out of pocket costs exponentially.

Compare and contrast the tests you use to figure out which areas have the most mold and enable yourself to nip the problem in the bud on your own. This simple test puts the power in your hands and makes you the master of your home rather than the mold that might be present.



  • This kit provides multiple tests that are easy to use.
  • This kit might be the most economical on the market when you divide to find the price per test.
  • It is simple and easy to use, making it perfect for maintaining a healthy and mold free environment.



  • This kit will not tell you if you have black mold present in your home.
  • This kit is perhaps the least detailed in comparison to the amount of tests provided.

Instant Home Mold Test

This product by A-1 Basement Solutions is simple and easy to use! The kit includes two mold test sticks and provides accurate results in as little as one minute! You can easily test your living areas for mold, and have both instruction from the box to draw from as well as a “How To” video provided on the company website.

this test might not tell you the type of mold that is present in your house, office, or other locations, but it can give you a strong head start on making sure that the mold is found and being handled in a way that will help it to go away and stay gone.



  • This test is simple and easy to use. The fact that it is also fast is just the cherry on top.
  • The kit provides you with DIY Mold Remediation Instructions that you can put into use if you get a positive result.
  • Results are shown in a color coded manner that is explained in the instructions.



  • The colors on the test don’t necessarily match the instructions, making it harder to read.
  • This test will not tell you the type of mold present.

Pro-Lab MO109 Do It Yourself Mold Test Kit

This product is an excellent first step when it comes to identifying black mold and toxic mold spores that could present dangers to your health and your home. This kit is an excellent choice for anyone concerned about the presence of mold in either their professional or personal environments.

Designed specifically to detect black mold, this kit is safe and easy to use and provides accurate results. Concerned individuals also have the option to send the kit off to a lab for further analysis. This kit will help you to protect your health, home, and family from the presence of black mold.



  • This test is simple and easy to use with detailed instructions provided.
  • The kit will let you know if you are in the presence of the dangerous and toxic black mold.
  • The test provides you with accurate and reliable results.



  • There is a $40 analysis fee to obtain the lab results.
  • This test only detects black mold and will not tell you if you are in the presence of any other types of mold.

MOLDetect Three Sample Mold Test Kit

This product can sample visible mold, suspect mold, or settled dust to detect nearby mold. The kit provides easy instructions with the materials to perform surface sample mold tests in three separate locations. In addition to straightforward sampling, this kit includes accredited lab analysis from an AIHA-LAP EMLAP Laboratory in the pricing!

One of the only tests to offer lab testing directly instead of as an optional surcharge, this MOLDetect test kit is simple and easy to use with the promise of detailed results from an accredited testing facility. The easy tape lift method detects both living and dead spores, both of which are detrimental to your health.



  • Simple and straightforward, this test is easy to put into motion.
  • Sending your samples to the laboratory at no additional cost means that you will receive detailed and accurate test results.
  • You will not have to worry about misreading a test and throwing money down the drain over a simple, panic driven mistake.
  • Your results come with information on the hazards presented by the mold spores identified as well as information on how to clean and prevent mold.



  • Results can take up to three days after the lab receives the kit.
  • While the lab provides answers, it means that a lot of the control is out of your hands.

Healthful Home 5-Minute Mold Test

The Healthful Home 5-Minute Mold Test detects mold spores an allergens in minutes – even if you can’t see any trace of mold in the house. Without the need to wait on labs, this easy and safe test provides accurate results with only three quick steps. One of the most sensitive tests available, the Haelthful Home kit can detect the worst mold types that are often missed by air sampling.

This test will help you to detect the presence of mold spores and allergens in your home and put you on the path to improving the overall health of your home and family in as little as five minutes. This test can even detect mold that is growing behind your walls rather than just on the walls.



  • This kit is fast, simple, and easy to use.
  • Highly sensitive, this kit will help you to find even the most subtle threats of mold in your home or office.
  • This kit includes specific antibody-based tests against more than thirty-two different mold types.



  • This kit does not offer lab testing even as a reassurance.
  • There is only a single test in the box, so to test multiple rooms you’ll need multiple boxes.

Mold Testing Kit (3 Tests)

This do it yourself Mold Testing Kit is easy, simple, and safe to use with a quick start guide and full booklet included in the box. This kit will help you to get peace of mind when it comes to protecting your family and your home from dangerous molds and mycotoxins. With three testing samples included in the box, a detailed lab analysis is also represented in the price of the test.

You can easily save money by not hiring a contractor and testing your home yourself with the expert consultation to explain results and discuss the next steps included as part of the overall kit. Learn if mold is present in your home in minutes with this easy to use kit.



  • Fast, simple, and safe, this kit makes it so you can test your household surfaces for mold.
  • Professional testing is included in the price of the kit!
  • You can easily take control of your home and make sure you’re living in a healthy environment in just a matter of minutes.



  • Texas is the exclusion when it comes to lab testing being looped in the price.
  • While the test only takes minutes to do, the results may take days to come back.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are home mold test kits reliable?

Like with anything, whether or not home mold test kits are reliable depends on what product you choose. Home testing kits may not hold a candle to a professional, but they are certainly a good step to take if you choose to be frugal or simply can not afford the bill for a professional visit. All mold tests are as reliable as the human being that is putting them into motion.

What are the symptoms of mold in your house?

The first thing that you might notice if there is mold in your home is a musty smell. Mold exposure can ultimately irritate your eyes, throat, nose, skin, and lungs. Common physical symptoms might include coughing, wheezing, a stuffy or runny nose,red eyes, itchy skin or eyes, a sore or itchy throat, and nosebleeds. You may also see specks of mold and mildew on surfaces in your home as time progresses.

Can you test for mold yourself?

You can easily test for mold yourself with one of the above testing kits. However you want to keep in mind that mold present in your house might be in the walls rather than on the walls. There is a lot to take into account when it comes to testing for mold yourself, such as air sampling versus surface sampling. Testing for mold yourself is a good way to reassure yourself that you are living a healthy and mold free life without having to pay through the nose for a professional.

How can I tell if I have mold in my walls?

You are usually able to smell mold even if you can not see it. To tell if you have mold in your walls, you can use an air sampling kit or you can look for mold growing on an exterior wall or ceiling, see if there is a crack or leak in the wall or roof before locating the spot on the interior by measuring to a reference point. You can also probe the suspect area with a screwdriver to see if there is any weakness to the wall that could indicate mold.

How much does it cost to have your house tested for mold?

The average cost to have your house tested for mold by a professional is about $654. Depending on the size and location of your house, prices could easily range from anywhere between $292 and $1,019. Home test kits are often much less that hiring a professional, ranging anywhere from $10 to $100.

How do you identify black mold?

Black mold is easily the most frightening of all mold types. To identify black mold, look for mold that is black with a wet and slimy or light and fuzzy texture. As you near the mold, there will be a strong musty or mildew scent. Black mold is common in damp areas such as basements and bathrooms.

How do you test for mold in the air?

The easiest way to test for mold in the air is by using an air sampling test. You can test indoor air quality against an outdoor control, do surface testing on your AC and heating systems to detect mold trapped in forced air systems, and pay attention to the types of surface mold that may be releasing spores into the air of your home. Keeping the air quality of your home mold free is a multi step process.