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Precision Mold Removal is Austin’s top mold inspection and remediation specialists. Whether you need mold inspection, mold remediation or water damage restoration, our expert local contractors are waiting for your call.

We typically can deliver a 1-hour emergency response time, and our service is available 24 Hours a day /7 days a week.  Many Austin residents have been able to reclaim their clean and safe home or business environment thanks to us.

Why Choose Precision Mold Removal?

Do I Need To Pay for a Professional Mold Inspection?

Our very long, hot summers and humid transitional seasons tends to create an ideal environment for mold to grow. Plus, mold is not always easily detectable by sight or smell. So, if it has been a while since your last inspection, or you have never had your home inspected, or if you suspect mold for any reason, we would highly recommend you schedule an inspection with one of our trusted, local contractors.

Of course, there are certain things that can lead to a sudden outbreak. Those things might include recent flooding or water damage to your home, as well as moisture retention or water accumulation in susceptible areas such as bathrooms, basements and kitchens.

It is absolutely critical to remove any mold growth as soon as possible. If left untreated, serious health complications may result for your family or employees, and your home or commercial building may require extensive repair.

However, before removal, we always begin with a thorough inspection of the premises. This allows us to determine 1) where the mold is, 2) the extent of the problem, 3) the type of outbreak you are dealing with (i.e black or toxic mold), and 4) what the best solution is for your particular circumstances.

Mold Inspection Austin

Every job is different, so an in-person inspection and custom solution is necessary in each case. We do charge a fee for the professional inspection, but that is because we believe in the quality of our assessment and our solutions; plus, it comes with our comprehensive evaluation and custom solution analysis (yours to keep whether you hire us or not).

FYI: we only work with trusted professional inspectors who, in addition to being on-time, professional and courteous, will NOT pressure you to sign a contract with us for the work.

Mold Testing Austin

In addition, here are a few more details regarding what you can expect from our team during the inspection process…

The on-site evaluation of your home or business can take up to 2-3 hours depending on the size of the property and/or the extent of the mold infestation.

After the initial assessment you will be informed of the recommendations and associated costs before any additional services are performed.

Our highly trained and courteous team will work with you, right from the get-go, to ensure that you have all the information you need to move forward.

Signs That You Have Mold

Signs and Symptoms of Black Mold

No hidden fees or price gouging!

How Much Should I Expect to Pay for Mold Remediation in Austin?

Upon receipt of our assessment report, you will be clear on what areas need treatment, how we intend to completely resolve your particular case, and how much it will cost. If insurance is involved, we can usually provide you with an estimate of expected coverage. This report is custom generated to address your specific needs and clearly communicated so that you can make an informed choice.

If you have any questions, our entire team is here to help!

If it seems like we are being vague about what our fees are, that is by design. The overall cost of each individual job is highly variable. The only fair thing to say is that it is based on the size of the mold outbreak and the services required to treat it. For example, a simple mold removal job is less expensive than a comprehensive remediation service. So, what’s the difference?

Here’s a brief overview…

If mold is detected early-on and treated quickly, it is possible for a professional to safely and adequately treat the surface; remove the mold, and help prevent regrowth (this is typically referred to as “removal”). However, if it has creeped deep into porous materials or has somehow gotten into structural elements (such as supporting walls or sub-floors, etc), then a more thorough approach called “remediation” may be the only way to treat it. This may require the use of special equipment such as negative air machines, and it may even necessitate demolition and restoration of some parts of the physical structure.

Mold jobs can get very expensive. That is why we are committed to provide our customers with honest upfront pricing. We will help you maximize your insurance benefits and minimize your overall out-of-pocket cost.

Bathroom Mold removal Austin

We promise to be there for you, on your side, every step of the way!

I Think I Have Black Mold – What Do I do?

The truth is, it is virtually impossible to know if you have black mold from a mere visual examination. So, if you see any type of mold, we recommend you call us for an immediate inspection. Mold is not something to be taken lightly. Many strains (not just black mold) can be extremely harmful to humans.

In extreme cases of prolonged exposure, you may experience symptoms associated with the presence of toxic mold. But if that’s the case, you’ve already waited too long!

If you can see or smell mold, or suspect black mold in your home, you should call a trusted mold professional immediately.

Just because it is black in color does not necessarily mean that it is the toxic form of mold that is commonly called “Black Mold”, but why take the risk? Get it removed as soon as possible!

We have safely performed black mold removal for many commercial and residential clients throughout Austin, and we can do the same for you!

Some of our services

  • Advanced Inspection
  • Experienced local professionals
  • Professional Mold Remediation
  • Safe Black Mold Removal
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Flood Damage Restoration

Some of our guarantees

  • 24-hr Emergency Service
  • Guaranteed response – 24 hrs or less
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Clean Up Mold Yourself?

The location of the mold plays a major role in how to clean it up. For example, you will need to use different tools depending on the location of the mold. Though you can clean mold by yourself, it is a dangerous undertaking and not something we recommend. When you scrub mold, it releases mold particles into the air, which you may breathe in. To prevent this, it is always better to opt for a professional cleanup team to help you with mold contamination. A professional cleanup team will make sure your home is safe from mold spores while they clean up.

What Is the Best Product to Kill Mold?

You can purchase products specifically designed for killing mold or you can use products that you have already lying around your house. However, it’s best to get the mold inspected first to see the extent of the damage and to make sure the mold you have isn’t black mold. Generally, pre-made products will cost you a little more, but the price tag may be worth the investment depending on how serious your mold contamination is. However, serious mold contaminations require extra attention. In many circumstances, mold will come back if not handled properly. This is why we recommend leaving mold cleanup to the experts. We can make sure your mold problems don’t keep reoccurring after cleaning up.

Could I Use Bleach or Vinegar to Kill Mold?

When it comes to mold, not all contaminations are the same. Some contaminations infect far past the surface you can see mold while others are simple surface contaminations. To decide whether bleach or mold is the best product for getting rid of mold contamination, you need to take note of the surface the contamination is on. For contaminations on porous areas like wood, vinegar is best to kill mold while the bleach is better for harder surfaces. Though you can use these products to kill mold, there is no way to know if you have killed the source of the mold. A professional mold remediation team can help you clean mold and make sure it never comes back by locating the cause of mold growth.

Do I Need a Mold Inspection?

Chances are if you haven’t ever had a mold inspection, you need one. Many people think their houses are free from mold, but this often is not the case. If you live in an older house, there is a good chance that there is mold growing somewhere unseen in the crawlspace or even the sheathing of your home. However, even modern houses aren’t safe from mold contamination. Many builders try their best to make sure mold doesn’t grow in their buildings, but it is impossible for houses to stay mold-free without taking very thorough measures. A mold remediation team can locate mold inside your home, even if it is not visible.

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