Fire Damage

For most people, surviving a fire can be incredibly terrifying. If you don’t live in an area that suffers from a lot of forest fires, this may not be something that you even give much thought to.

Unfortunately, fires can come as the result of an unattended candle or cigarette, a small kitchen fire, or even an unkempt fireplace flue. It is very important that you think about it ahead of time so that you are prepared if you ever suffer from a fire.

What Happens After a Fire?

Even the smallest of fires can cause a lot of damage and put the items in your home or business in jeopardy. When you have smoke damage, it’s because of the acid that is in it and the soot, which will cause porous materials to become permanently stained. This includes things like your floors, walls, ceilings, and even furniture. Unfortunately, this can happen within just a few hours, which is why it’s so important to get a restoration company to work for you as soon as possible.

You should also know that any metal inside your building will also corrode almost just as fast as soot will damage your other items. This is why you’ll hear about the need to refinish these items. However, if the deterioration is too severe, your only option may be to replace these items. Putting off fire damage restoration will only make your losses worse and your prices rise more significantly.

What a Fire Restoration Company will do for You

Whether you have corroding metal or smoke and soot damage you should call on Precision Mold Removal and let us help you find a trust worthy contractor. When you do, they’ll immediately:

  • Provide an initial assessment. This will tell you how much your fire and smoke damage removal cost will be before the contractors even start the work.
  • They will board up all windows and doors, then place a tarp over your roof and any other part of the building that’s exposed to the elements.
  • Any water used to extinguish the fire will be pumped and vacuumed out of the building with professional air movers and dehumidifiers.
  • Your furniture and fabric that was exposed to the smoke and soot will be sanitized and deodorized so mold can’t grow on them.
  • They will restore and rebuild the area to its original condition, including painting, drywalling, re-carpeting, and refinishing any necessary areas.

What Choosing a Professional Means

When you choose to the professionals we work with, you are choosing to work with experts who deal with smoke damage restoration which is important. Cleaning up after a fire is challenging, but these contractors trained to make sure everything is handled properly and will protect you throughout the process. While it’s true that all of this can be quite expensive, our contractors will work with your insurance company to make sure as much as possible is covered by them. So, while having a fire is a traumatic experience, there’s no need to be further traumatized by the cleanup process as long as you have professionals to help you.

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