Dallas Mold Removal

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  • Whether it’s in your home or place of business, Steamatic of Dallas Fort Worth is the solution when it comes to any of your cleaning and restoration needs. Steatics’s highly skilled and certified technicians specialize in residential and commercial air duct coil cleaning and carpet, tile and grout cleaning, hardwood cleaning, and furniture and drapery cleaning. Other services include wood restoration, corrosion control, disinfection services, and deodorization.
  • Steamatic of Dallas Fort Worth is a family oriented, tight-knit group of professionals who always strive for the best. Our high-quality work and extraordinary customer service will make you feel like you have been working with us for ages. You will feel like we are a part of your family because if you work with us, you become a part of ours.
  • Steamatic of Dallas Fort Worth also specializes in mold remediation and emergency fire, smoke and water damage restoration. No matter how big or tough the situation is, Steamatic is available 24/7 to help you recover. Steamatic works with every insurance carrier.

Fully trained, certified, and equipped to handle issues with high levels of precision and safety

“The team arrived on time and immediately began to prepare the house for the work. Supervisor Mark worked to clean the dryer vent while the other team members cleaned all the vents. They did an outstanding job cleaning up afterwards. We were very impressed with the professionalism shown by Mark and his team. I wholeheartedly recommend this company, and already have. I also recommended them on our neighborhood's page.” – Linda C.  Mansfield, TX

“Very happy with the service. Mike, Jose, and Maria were very professional and curious of my home. They covered their work area and made sure everything moved was returned to its original place. Will be using them for all future HVAC duct cleaning or dry vent cleaning services.” Paula M. Fort Worth, TX

“We are a mold testing and remediation company that has been using/recommending Jarrod Sims with Steamatic for about eight years now. Our experience (including reports from clients) has been them providing excellent work with a high moral and ethics standards. They provide recovery services with a well organized, tight and clean work area. We have never experienced and problems or negative feedback. We will continue to use and refer Jarrod Sims / Steamatic of Dallas Fort Worth.” – Teresa G.

Dallas Mold Removal

We provide mold removal, remediation and mold damage repair in the city of Dallas, as well as the greater Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Call Us At (972) 435-6614

With so many  mold removal companies out there, we like to separate ourselves from the pack by providing our neighbors with accurate information on the current means and methods of treating mold, as well as the associated costs.

Our driving force is our concern for you. We want all of our fellow Lone-Star State residents to be fully informed of the dangers of mold, how to avoid it, and how to treat it!

Why Choose Precision Mold Removal?

Mold Grows Well In Dallas

Unfortunately, the East Texas climate is ideal for mold population – hot & humid! It is vital to be on the lookout for areas where mold (especially toxic black mold) can flourish.

Areas mold is often found

  • Basement mold
  • Bathroom mold
  • Recently flooded sub floors
  • Water damaged walls
  • Anywhere moisture accumulates
  • Anywhere water can collect

These are just a few examples, but hopefully you get the picture. All it takes is a surface, some moisture and a less-than-watchful eye, and BOOM – you’ve got yourself a mold outbreak!

Not only can mold grow undetected for weeks or even months, but that is actually a very typical scenario. Unfortunately, people often wait too long to call a mold expert – until a large outbreak has become visible or is identified by its distinct, musty odor. Or worse, some even wait until they are experiencing physical symptoms! YIKES!

Of course, people don’t usually do this intentionally, but still, it can result in serious health effects for you and your family; not to mention the fact that it increases the odds that the restoration will be more extensive and more expensive.

Signs That You Have Mold

Signs and Symptoms of Black Mold

We take pride in helping our neighbors avoid extreme cost, by offering our expert mold services at a fair price. We say this in hopes that you will act fast. Too many of our clients have waited longer than they should have, only to see the cost for their mold removal service go up and up – early detection is key!

Because of our humid environment here in Dallas, we recommend you have your home professionally inspected once a year for mold, or mold prone areas. Identifying trouble spots early and often typically means that we can perform minimally invasive or even preventative treatments – saving your home, your health and your pocketbook.

If you have recently had flooding or any kind of water damage in your home, or if you see or smell mold, please call us right away!

We offer the following mold services in Dallas-Fort Worth:

  • 24-hr emergency response
  • Mold remediation
  • Mold Inspection
  • Black mold removal
  • Water, flood & mold damage restoration

How Does Mold Remediation Work?

We have found that most clients appreciate being able to make informed decisions regarding their health and their home. To that end, here is how our process works…

We always begin with a no-obligation visual inspection. Our local contractors have the advanced training and local experience required to provide you with an accurate and thorough assessment of your situation. There is a fee for our professional inspection because we stand behind our ability to properly assess and solve all of your mold related needs.

After the inspection, we will provide you with a complete breakdown of your situation; how we plan to solve it; and a detailed estimate. Most of our residential clients appreciate our inclusive approach. We are happy to answer all of your questions regarding the process and the costs, allowing you to stay fully informed from beginning to end.

At the same time, our commercial clients appreciate our ability to get the job done more autonomously and efficiently, with little interaction or disruption during business hours.

Either way, we know you will love the end result – your home or business, mold free!

(See below for more information on the remediation service itself.)

No hidden fees! No gimmicks!

What Should You Expect To Pay For Mold Removal?

Here are some things we feel you need to know about how pricing works:

As much as we would love to say “our mold services costs X-amount of dollars”, it’s just not that simple.

First of all, in many cases, there is usually some sort of insurance involved (homeowners’, renters’, what have you). The good news is, your local Precision Mold Removal contractor is…

...dedicated to helping you maximize your insurance!

The type of service your particular job requires can also impact the fees for that service. Aside from the obvious, Large Job vs. Small Job scenario, it also must be determined whether mold removal or mold remediation is indicated.

What does that mean?


If mold is detected early, it can often be removed from the surface before it penetrates deeper into the structural materials below. This eliminates the need for any demolition or repair. In this way, it is a less invasive and less expensive option (you might say it’s the preferred option). However, it is essentially a surface treatment and therefore, not always the appropriate solution for every case.


When mold is left untreated for too long, it begins to penetrate deeper into the construction materials below. Once this happens, a more extensive treatment (called remediation) is indicated. This often involves advanced equipment and techniques. It is also very likely to be more invasive – we are usually talking about the demolition and reconstruction of the affected area – and that is where costs can really start to climb.

Even so, if it’s just a small section of a wall or floor that is affected, you still have a chance for the project to remain a relatively manageable expense. However, if the damage has reached structural elements of your dwelling (like a bearing wall or structural sub floor), watch out, the remedy can get complex and expensive rather quickly.

There are many unscrupulous companies out there looking to take advantage of this complexity. That is why we can’t stress enough the importance of working with recognized experts in the field. Equally as important; working with a team you can trust to be your advocate from beginning to end.

Our local reputation has thrived thanks to our advocacy approach and proven results!

We promise to be there for you, on your side, every step of the way!

What If I have Black Mold?

Not only is identifying black mold visually a near impossibilty, but the truth is: it doesn’t really matter if it’s black mold or not! There are many species of mold that are potentially hazardous, especially with prolonged exposiure, so don’t delay! If you suspect you have mold – ANY TYPE OF MOLD – call a trusted local professional immediately and get it removed!

Even if you don’t see or smell mold, you may suspect a mold problem if you experience any of the symptoms associated with the presence of toxic mold. Such as…

  • Pulmonary issues (i.e. unusual lung or breathing issue)
  • Allergic type reactions (i.e. coughing, sneezing, etc)
  • Unusual or persistent headaches
  • Unexplained health problems (i.e. eye, nose, throat or skin irritations, fatigue, etc)
Guy Removing Mold San Antonio

These are just a few of the conditions that may result from prolonged exposure to toxic mold. For your own health and safety, if you have reason to believe there is dangerous mold on the premises, seek medical attention immediately and call a mold professional.

Precision Mold Removal – the trusted professionals in Dallas-Ft. Worth!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Clean Up Mold Yourself?

The location of the mold plays a major role in how to clean it up. For example, you will need to use different tools depending on the location of the mold. Though you can clean mold by yourself, it is a dangerous undertaking and not something we recommend. When you scrub mold, it releases mold particles into the air, which you may breathe in. To prevent this, it is always better to opt for a professional cleanup team to help you with mold contamination. A professional cleanup team will make sure your home is safe from mold spores while they clean up.

What Is the Best Product to Kill Mold?

You can purchase products specifically designed for killing mold or you can use products that you have already lying around your house. However, it’s best to get the mold inspected first to see the extent of the damage and to make sure the mold you have isn’t black mold. Generally, pre-made products will cost you a little more, but the price tag may be worth the investment depending on how serious your mold contamination is. However, serious mold contaminations require extra attention. In many circumstances, mold will come back if not handled properly. This is why we recommend leaving mold cleanup to the experts. We can make sure your mold problems don’t keep reoccurring after cleaning up.

Could I Use Bleach or Vinegar to Kill Mold?

When it comes to mold, not all contaminations are the same. Some contaminations infect far past the surface you can see mold while others are simple surface contaminations. To decide whether bleach or mold is the best product for getting rid of mold contamination, you need to take note of the surface the contamination is on. For contaminations on porous areas like wood, vinegar is best to kill mold while the bleach is better for harder surfaces. Though you can use these products to kill mold, there is no way to know if you have killed the source of the mold. A professional mold remediation team can help you clean mold and make sure it never comes back by locating the cause of mold growth.

Do I Need a Mold Inspection?

Chances are if you haven’t ever had a mold inspection, you need one. Many people think their houses are free from mold, but this often is not the case. If you live in an older house, there is a good chance that there is mold growing somewhere unseen in the crawlspace or even the sheathing of your home. However, even modern houses aren’t safe from mold contamination. Many builders try their best to make sure mold doesn’t grow in their buildings, but it is impossible for houses to stay mold-free without taking very thorough measures. A mold remediation team can locate mold inside your home, even if it is not visible.

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