Have you ever walked up to your front door and suddenly you notice a fine, green layer of dinge on your wooden deck? Or noticed one section of your siding suddenly supporting the growth of moss or algae? It is an issue we all will likely face at one point or another.


Much like any other consumer product, you will run into a plethora of options during your search to solve this. Each product will hold various customer reviews and results. Sifting through countless descriptions can be daunting.


The great news is, finding an efficient product to help clear up this unsightly development doesn’t have to be so taxing.


The Wet and Forget Mold, Mildew, Moss and Algae Stain Remover


With this Wet and Forget product, it is specifically engineered to do exactly what the name implies- rid Mold, Mildew, Moss, Algae and many other stubborn stains.


Let’s face it- none of us want to spend our spare time scrubbing shingles or siding after the application. Thankfully, this product is designed to coat an outdoor surface and be left to do its job with no excess cleaning or rinsing needed. Just a light rainfall will wash away the product, doing the dirty work for you.


It is advisable be very vigilant when using this product in your home. It will be necessary to perform a rinse after applying if you choose to use it indoors. This will reduce any residual chemical residue to keep those in your house protected.


(If you prefer to use this strictly for your internal living space, Wet and Forget does sell an indoor spray specifically designed to be used inside your home. Check it out!)


As with most chemical compounds, this has one very potent ingredient- Benzalkonium Chloride. While incredibly effective to do the work required, it does warrant caution.


Even when diluted, this chemical can be harmful if ingested or inhaled directly.


This product, for effectiveness of its intended purpose, is highly corrosive. Please be careful when applying this outdoors in high winds. If it meets your skin or eyes, it can cause some unwanted side effects.


Also, keep pets and children away from the area until the surface is completely dry.


As with any chemical compound, exercising safety measures is critical.


Details and Features


Let us look at some of the Wet and Forget Mold, Mildew, Moss and Algae Removers best features:


  • Very economical
  • No rinsing required for outdoor applications
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Will not damage the surface it is applied to
  • No bleach or heavy metals included

Each bottle of Wet and Forget Mold, Mildew, Moss and Algae Remover comes in a concentrated form in half gallon measurements. To dilute, the mixture is meant to be combined with a 1 to 5 ratio of stain remover to water. Fully diluted as intended gives you a total of three gallons of stain removing power.


This can really stretch over a course of time to help with various issues you encounter.


Rather than working at a quick speed, Wet and Forget Mold, Mildew, Moss and Algae Remover was created as a long-term solution. This means, it can take some time to see the full benefit or result. The outcome is not immediate.


Please be advised that patience is required when using it as it does take some time to take full effect. Once it does, it eliminates the original issue without recurrence. This is intended to be a preventive measure for the future.


Wet and Forget Mold, Mildew, Moss and Algae Stain Remover Pros and Cons


Allow me to sum that up for you in a quick list of the positives and negatives so we can get a more direct look here.




  • Extremely effective for long term use, helping to avoid a repeating issue
  • Intended for dilution, providing a total of three full gallons of solution
  • Designed to be a solution and preventive
  • It is specifically chemically created for mold, mildew, moss, algae and other tough stains



  • It does have to be used with caution, as any other chemical substance, and must only be used in well-ventilated areas

This provides a fantastic solution to your current stain issue while giving you the power to stop the problem from repeating itself. This is a powerful, effective product that is sure to give you the promised result every time.


Whether it be your fence, siding, deck or shingles, this will take care of the eye sore you have been dealing with. Say goodbye to the unsightly build-up of common growths, giving your surface a like-new appearance.


Considering the price of the Wet and Forget Mold, Mildew, Moss and Algae Stain Remover, you get so much value from this investment. It’s an easy decision. No extra work, no scrubbing, no wasting your time.


You deserve to have your home looking its very best and this product helps you achieve it. Don’t look any further for the right product, wasting your time searching and comparing. You have found the best bang for your buck here.


It’s time to finalize the purchase for Wet and Forget Mold, Mildew, Moss and Algae Stain Remover so you can wet and forget once and for all.